Junior Play Opportunities

Competitive play is an important part of your Junior player’s progress.  We recommend weekly tournament and/or match play and we provide Junior Team Tennis and Junior Interclub dates throughout the year.

Junior Match Play

Sundays 5 pm – 7 pm
Structure: 8 game Pro Sets, a challenge ladder format will be used for standings, coaching at change-overs.
Age Groups: 11 to 14 years old & 10 years and younger

USTA Sanctioned Tournaments (Hosted by Camargo Racquet Club)

Camargo Junior Open

Camargo Racquet Club will host USTA sanctioned Junior tournaments on the following dates.  Player registration may be done on-line via www.usta.com using the tournament ID number with current USTA membership.

Deadline for registration is midnight the Sunday before the start date of the tournament.

2019 Dates

May 10-12
Tour ID: 856308519
Challenger Boys' 10, 12-14 Singles (FMLC)
Challenger Girls' 10, 12-18 Singles (FMLC)
June 15
Tour ID: 850158019
1 Day Compass Boys' & Girls' 12-16 Singles (NEF)
July 7
Tour ID: 850158219
1 Day Compass Girls' 12-18 Singles (Comp)
July 21
Tour ID: 850158419
1 Day Compass Boys' 12-18 Singles (NEF)
August 18
Tour ID: 850158519
1 Day Compass Boys' 12-18 Singles (NEF)
1 Day Compass Girls' 12-14 Singles (NEF)
September 6-8
Tour ID: 850158719
Challenger Boys' 10, 12-18 Singles (FMLC)
Challenger Girls' 10, 12 Singles (FMLC)
October 11-13
Tour ID: 856311919
Boys' 10, 12-18 Singles (FMLC)
Girls' 10, 12-14 Singles (FMLC)
November 1-3
Tour ID: 850158919
Challenger Boys' & Girls' 16-18 Singles (FMLC)
November 8-10
Tour ID: 850158819
Boys' & Girls' 10, 12-14 Singles (FMLC)
December 6-7
Tour ID: 856307019
Challenger Boys' & Girls' 14-18 Singles (FMLC)
December 13-15
Tour ID: 850159019
Boys' & Girls' 10, 12 Singles (FMLC)


Junior Walk-On Policy Update

The 30-Minute Rule

Jr. Walk-ons are guaranteed a court for 1/2 hour (30 min).  After 30 minutes, the court may be sold to a paying player (booked court, lesson, etc.).  Jr. Walk-on’s do not have to stop after 30 minutes, but the court is “sell-able” after 30 minutes.  If no one wants the court, they may continue playing.  Jr. Walk-on has the court for a minimum of 1.5 hrs before they can be replaced by another Jr. Walk-on.  At that time, the 30-Minute rule goes into effect for the 2nd round of Jr. Walk-on players.