August 20, 2018 – May 24, 2019

At Camargo, we offer many social and competitive Junior tennis playing opportunities and events.  We believe that the best pathway to improve includes quality clinics, quality private lessons and challenging match play.  We are committed to offering the best instruction in the area.  Our goal is to positively challenge kids to compete in a safe and rewarding environment.  Camargo Racquet Club is committed to maintaining a student-teaching pro ratio of one pro for every 4-7 students.

Camargo Junior Program Director- Brian Siler

Camargo Racquet Club has three distinct levels of development to suit the needs of all junior player levels from toddlers to tournament players. ( ACE, 10 & Under, High School/Middle School)


A.C.E. (Academy of Competitive Excellence – Ages 10 & under)

Program run by Brian Siler , Chris Thatcher & Wade Ward

  • The mission of this program is to bring together dedicated youth tennis players and place them in a competitive atmosphere where they have the opportunity to reach their ultimate potential.  This is a select group designed for players who are committed to developing their game and seeking to become high performance tournament players.
  • Drills and competitive games will place strong emphasis on athletic development, stroke production, serve development, mental toughness, and strategy.
  • ACE Program Directors & staff will make sure that the players are coordinating their schedules with the best tournaments in the area and beyond.  Playing in the correct tournaments will ensure the best possible ranking and competition for your child.

A.C.E. Green: Tuesday / Friday 4-6pm Chris Thatcher / Wade Ward

Trains with green dot ball and is for ages approximately 7-10 years old, depending on ability and experience.

 A.C.E. Yellow: Monday / Wednesday / Thursday 4-6pm Chris Thatcher / Wade Ward

Trains with regular yellow ball and is for ages approximately 11-14 years old, depending on ability and experience.

A.C.E. High School: Monday / Wednesday / Thursday 4-6pm Brian Siler

The A.C.E. High School Program is designed for the active tournament-playing junior tennis player. The mission of this program is to develop the junior into a winning tournament player while achieving local, regional, and national rankings through tournament play.


This program is run by Camargo Racquet Club staff tennis pros Brian Siler and Chris Thatcher.  Brian and Chris have coached many of the areas best junior players for the past 15 years and continue to extract the best out of their students.

Brian and Chris will hand pick the core of the A.C.E. Program.  Other players may enter this program only with their approval.  It is important to have a select group so that every player can train with others at his or her level and above.

Juniors accepted into the Academy are already playing at an advanced level, and must attend at least 2 days of clinics per week.  These players are consistently taking private lessons, and playing tournaments throughout the year.


If you have any questions about this program or would like to be considered, please contact:

Brian Siler 513-260-1446 or briansiler@gmail.com
Chris Thatcher 513-793-9200 or cthatcher@camargoracquet.com


Middle / High School Tournament Development: (Ages 11 yrs. & up)

Monday / Wednesday / Thursday 4-6pm

The goals of this program are twofold:

1.   To develop the teenager into a competitive Middle School, Junior Varsity or Varsity high school tennis player.  Doubles strategy will be an important focus in this group, as most high school players play doubles. Much time will be devoted to improving rally consistency, stroke production and use of spin.

2.  To offer the teenager who plays multiple sports an appropriate playing level where he or she can develop the skills required to become an excellent social tennis player for life.  At this level, introductory drills relating to setting up and finishing points will be introduced.


10 & Under Tennis:

10 & Under Future Champs (orange dot & green dot ball): Tuesday/Friday 4-5pm, 5-6pm

Future Champs are advanced beginner to intermediate players who are still learning the fundamentals of stroke production and how to play matches.  These players will range in age from approximately 7-10 years old depending on their ability level.  The focus of this program will be on stroke development, fun drills, games and beginning match play.  The USTA 10 & under format of using lighter, slower bouncing balls is incorporated as needed.

Tennis Tots (red dot & foam ball): Tuesday/Friday 4-5pm

Tennis tots play on smaller courts that are sized to ensure a successful experience for your child.  Tots incorporates the use of lighter, slower-moving red dot & foam balls.  This program is for the beginning player ages 4-6 years with a focus on fun drills and games that will spark an interest in tennis for kids.  Hand-eye coordination drills will help the child develop athletic abilities that are applicable to many sports.  Juniors will also learn the basics of all tennis strokes and rules of the game.